Japanese climate


★ Japanese climate

There are four seasons in Japan such as spring, summer, fall (autumn) and winter.

Almost all regions in Japan have a warm and humid climate. but Hokkaido and Tohoku region have a subarctic climate. Also, Nansei Islands has a subtropical climate. Ibaraki Prefecture, where I live, which is located on about two hours drive from Tokyo toward the northeast, has a little snow a couple of times a year on average. When I was a child, we had as much snow as we could play snowball fight, but, recently, we have come not to be able to play it due to global warming.

Since spring is a flower season, several kinds of flowers bloom in spring. I really like a spring breeze. I would say spring is the most pleasant of all the seasons.

In June, an early-summer period, we have a rainy season. That’s because both North Pacific High and Okhotsk High become well-developed and balanced during this period. In other words, a stationary front happens between them and remains.

We have a very muggy weather in summer. Some say even those foreigners who live in hot regions couldn’t put up with the sultry climate in Japan.

Around summer or fall, we have typhoons dozens of times a year. Recently, a devastating typhoon came to approach Japan, although it was uncertain whether global warming has something to do with that or not. Needless to say, we will need to take appropriate measures to prevent something like global environmental problems from endangering our planet before it is too late.

In fall, trees turn red and yellow, so we enjoy them. I wonder if it is just I that felt lonely in this season. Many people have a good appetite in autumn. In addition, it is said that autumn is the best season for reading and studying.


★ 日本の気候








My favorite music


★ My favorite music

I really like music because it always makes me feel relaxed. So, in my free time, I sometimes enjoy listening to music. Actually, I almost always listen to J-pop, but I’d like to tell you a little bit about my favorite western music.

I like music which always makes me feel relaxed. In other words, I like the one which has slow-pace or marvelous sound. For example, Carpenters, Billy Joel, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Sting, Mariah Carey and so on. Needless to say, The Beatles, which is loved the most throughout the world, is one of my most favorite band.

I became interested in The Beatles during my preparation days for the entrance exams for a university. At that time, I lived in a dormitory. A friend of mine next my room gave me tapes of The Beatles. I was not interested in music so much then, but I tried to listen to them in my free time. I remember that the more I listened to them, the more I liked them.

Now, whenever I listen to them, they remind me of the days when I was worried about my future path.

At around the same time, another neighbor was crazy about The Rolling Stones. I remember I could hear his singing their songs, which was heard from my room.

I want to know how my friends at that time are doing now because we have not kept in touch with each other for a long time.
I think music has miraculous power which enables us to recall the sceneries of each moment. That’s why I love music.


★ 私の好きな音楽








Transportation Network in Japan


★  Transportation Network in Japan

I think transportation network is well-developed in Japan. Therefore, we can almost go anywhere we want all over Japan by car. In other words, there are a lot of well-maintained expressways, toll roads and open roads throughout Japan. Also, Japan has bridges which connect main islands except for Okinawa. For example, Seto Ohashi Bridge connects Honshu with Shikoku. Kanmon Bridge connects Honshu with Kyusyu. Tsugaru Kaikyo Bridge connects Honshu with Hokkaido. In addition, Tokyo Bay Aqua Line connects Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture with Kisarazu city, Chiba prefecture by traversing Tokyo bay. They are very convenient for us.

When it comes to public transportation, there are 97 airports in Japan. Ordinary trains and limited express trains are extensive. In addition, many people regard Shinkansen as the best train in the world because it is very fast, safe and always runs on time.

Buses such as express buses, midnight buses, scheduled buses and so on, or taxies are also extensive in Japan.

However, in fact, I feel there is not enough public transportation in the countryside as yet. My family almost always goes out by car because we feel a little bit inconvenient with public transportation in my town, when we want to go somewhere. It couldn’t be helped. Fortunately, I’ve loved driving without noticing, so I don’t feel any stress about driving at any time. Also, I often enjoy driving with my family around my town when we want to change our mood. By the way, in Japan, it is a rule that vehicles keep to the left side of the road and pedestrians to the right, so automobiles are right-hand drive.


Concerning Tsugaru Kaikyo Bridge, I realized that this is now under consideration. I aplogize to everyone for posting fake information.


★ 日本の交通網







My favorite seasonal flowers in Japan


★ My favorite seasonal flowers in Japan

There are four seasons in Japan such as spring, summer, fall (autumn) and winter, so in each season, we can enjoy seeing seasonal flowers.

◎ Plum blossoms

Plum blossoms begin to put forth their blossoms a little bit earlier than cherry blossoms in spring. Kairakuen Garden is well-known for its plum blossoms. There is a picturesque view of plum blossoms there in spring. Plum trees are one of the most familiar trees in Japan because there is also a ”bonsai” version of them.

◎ Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in spring. The cherry blossom front usually goes from north to south, but in Okinawa Prefecture it goes in the opposite direction because cherry trees have to be exposed for a while to a low temperature to a certain extent to put forth their blossoms.

In a warm region like Okinawa, the more you go from north to south, the warmer the region will be, so the more you go south, the less the cherry trees will be exposed to sufficiently low temperature in winter. Therefore, the cherry trees there begin to put forth their blossoms later. It seems like plants have a lot in common with animals because, like animals, if plants don’t have enough deep sleep, they cannot wake up easily. “Someiyoshino” is one of the most famous cherry trees in Japan. It is said that the life span of Someiyoshino is about 60 years.

Usually, you increase the number of these trees by cutting and grafting them, so almost all someiyoshinos are clone and are already about 60 years old. Therefore, it is said that almost all someiyoshinos in Japan are going to be blasted one of these days. What do you think?

◎ Brassica juncea

Brassica junceas usually put forth their flowers from March to May. Generally, Japanese people plant them on the slope of the bank. My family always enjoys seeing them while driving along the bank every spring.

◎ Tulips

Tulips usually usually put forth a flower from March to May, but they only keep on being in full bloom for around 7 to 10 days. I think they’re very cute in terms of their transience.

◎ Azalea

Azaleas usually put forth their flowers from late April to early May. Azaleas are well-known as roadside trees. Azaleas will come out soon and I am looking forward to seeing them.

◎ Wisteria flowers

Wisteria flowers usually put forth their blossoms from April to early May. We can see a picturesque view of purple flowers falling like a waterfall.

◎ Dogwood

Dogwoods usually put forth their blossoms from April to May. There are a lot of dogwood-lined avenues in Japan. While driving, my family is always very happy to pass through an avenue with a lot of dogwoods blooming.

◎ Iris sanguinea

Iris sanguineas as well as tulips are raised from bulbs. Iris sanguineas usually put forth a flower from late April to mid-May. I really like purple flowers such as iris sanguineas, wisteria flowers, hydrangeas and so on in that they make me feel sort of sad and lonely.

◎ Hydrangea

Hydrangeas usually put forth their flowers from June to July. It is said that the color of hydrangea flowers depends on degree of acidity.

◎ Sunflower

Sunflowers usually put forth their blossoms from July to September. As you may know, sunflowers are well-known as the ones that the direction of their blossoms is led by the sun. In fact, the direction of them depends on the direction of the sun in their growth period, but in the ripening period, the direction of them usually seems to be fixed in the east direction. It’s very curious, isn’t it? If you want to know more details, google it please!

◎ Crape myrtle

Crape myrtles are called as “sarusuberi” in Japan. It is said that sarusuberi is named after the fact that the wood is so smooth and slippery that even a monkey might have to slip. Crape myrtles keep on being in full bloom for around three months in summer, so we can enjoy seeing them for a long time every summer.

◎ Poppy

Poppies usually put forth their flowers from May to Jun. My family goes to “Akebonoyama Agricultural Park” to enjoy seeing them every year.

◎ Rose periwinkle

Rose periwinkles usually put forth their flowers from May to October. My father enjoys planting them in planters in our parking lot every year.

◎ Cosmos

Cosmoses usually put forth their flowers from Jun to October, although they tend to be regarded as fall flowers. They are very pretty flowers and one of my favorite flowers.

◎ Cluster amaryllis

Cluster amaryllises usually put forth their flowers around late September. Generally, the bright red color of cluster amaryllises’ flowers is well-known, but there are white and yellow, too. Actually, I really like the white color of them because I think it is clear and beautiful.

◎ Ginkgo

There are a lot of ginkgo-lined avenues in Japan. In fall, the ginkgo leaves turn bright yellow. They are fabulous beyond description.

◎ Maple

Maple leaves also turn bright red in fall. Many Japanese people enjoy seeing them bright red every fall, which is called “Momijigari”.

◎ Viola

Violas usually put forth their flowers from November to June. Their flowering period is very, very long. My father also enjoys planting them in planters every year.



◎  梅の花


◎ 桜


沖縄のような温暖な地域では、北から南に行くほど暖かいので、南に行けば行くほど、桜の木が冬に十分な低温にさらされることが少なくなるのです。そのため、桜の開花時期が遅くなるのです。植物も動物と同じように、深い眠りが足りないとなかなか目が覚めませんから、動物との共通点が多いように思います。”ソメイヨシノ “は、日本を代表する桜のひとつです。ソメイヨシノの寿命は約60年と言われています。


◎ アブラナ科


◎ チューリップ


◎ つつじ


◎ 藤の花


◎ ハナミズキ


◎ アヤメ


◎ アジサイ


◎ ひまわり


◎ 百日紅


◎ ポピー


◎ ニチニチソウ

5 月から 10 月にかけて花を咲かせます。毎年、父が自宅の駐車場のプランターに植えて楽しんでいます。

◎ コスモス


◎ ヒガンバナ


◎ イチョウ


◎ カエデ


◎ ビオラ


Introduction of Japan: 食文化


Japanese traditionally think of rice as staple food. Many of them say they are satisfied if there are just rice and miso soup in their regular meals. Traditional Japanese side dishes are raw or fresh fish, grilled fish, natto, tsukemoto, tofu, and dried plum. There are many fermented foods in Japan such as miso, natto, dried plum and so on. By the way, Ibaraki Prefecture is well-known for mito-natto. Japanese food culture has much to do with fish because Japan is an island country. Tsukiji Outer Market and Toyosu Market are very popular as fish markets not only among Japanese but also among foreigners. Raw fish called sashimi is one of the most famous Japanese foods. It‘s normally sliced thinly. Typically, we eat it dipped in soy sauce and horseradish.

As you know, sushi has become popular all over the world. Generally, traditional Japanese sushi is made in the way that sushi chefs put raw fish called “neta” on something like rice ball they prepare. Neta includes cooked food such as shrimp, conger eel, egg and so on. There are also sushi rolls. Japanese food is normally eaten with chopsticks, but sushi is okay to eat with our hands.

Compared to the western countries, I think traditional Japanese meals are so simple, but Japan is becoming westernized lately.

Also, in Japan, there are some deep-fried foods covered with several kinds of “koromo” such as tempura, and katsu. Incidentally, Nagoya City is well-known for miso-katsu. Katsu is a pork dish deep-fried with breadcrumbs. Tempura is made with several kinds of vegetables and seafood deep-fried with flour. Also, kara-age is a deep-fried chicken dish covered with a thin layer of flour or potato starch.

Yakitori and okonomiyaki are also the most popular kinds of Japanese food. Yakitori is small chunks of chicken pierced on a wooden skewer and flavored with soy-sauce-based tare or salt. Yakitori is made of many different kinds of chicken meat and also of varieties of seafood. The way of making okonomiyaki is as follows: we add shredded cabbage, pork and seafood to flour dissolved in water and stir them. Also, we fry them on a hotplate. After that, we put okonomiyaki sauce over them and add bonito flakes and “aonori”, dried seaweed flakes, over them.

Takoyaki is a popular type of fast food. It‘s a little dough ball filled with diced octopus and green onion. It is grilled on a special pan with ball-shaped molds.

Traditional Japanese noodles are soba and udon. Udon is made from flour. I heard that soup for udon is based on broth made from konbu, bonito stock, dried sardines and so on in Kansai area, but the soup is almost only based on bonito stock in Kanto area. In my opinion, sanuki udon with chewy noodles is the most delicious. Soba is made from buckwheat flour and normal flour. The proportion of buckwheat flour varies.

Another popular Japanese noodle is ramen. There are several kinds of ramen soups in Japan. For example, soy-sauce-based soup, miso-based soup, pork-bone-based soup and so on.

Gyoza, which comes from China, is one of the most popular foods in Japan. Gyoza is made in the way that shredded cabbage, green onion and pork are covered with gyoza skin, and pan-fried or boiled.

A dish of boiled food called oden is one of the popular foods in Japan, and it is especially liked in winter. There are several kinds of ingredients in oden such as eggs, daikon radish and many kinds of foods made from fish-paste. Broth is made from konbu or bonito stock with salt and sake.

Japanese curry is really popular in Japan. Many Japanese people say that they eat curry more than once a week. Japanese curry is kind of different from Indian curry. Japanese curry is richer and not spicier than Indian curry. We usually eat it with rice.

Mochi is one of the most traditional foods in Japan. Mochi is something like rice cake which is made by mashing a special kind of rice called “mochi-gome”. Usually, you eat it by grilling it or putting it in special soup such as “oshiruko” and “ozouni”. The soup for oshiruko is made from azuki beans and sugar. The soup for ozouni is made from miso or soy-sauce-based broth. We put mochi and some ingredients into this soup and eat them.

Kenchinjiru-soup is well-known as a vegetarian cuisine in Japan. This soup is not made from bonito stock or dried sardines but from kombu and shiitake-based broth because it is a vegetarian cuisine. Also, we put into this some vegetables such as carrot, daikon radish, taro, konjac and so on.

Sake is a traditional alcoholic beverage in Japan. Sake is made by fermenting rice. There are several kinds of grades from the one that includes brewed alcohol to the one that does not. Generally, the alcohol content is relatively high: from 15% to 16%.















My Half Life(私の半生):添削後



★ My kindergarten days 私の幼稚園時代

My kindergarten allowed three different age groups, from the yellow group which is the youngest, blue the middle, and white the eldest. I commuted for two years, starting in blue and finishing in white. Apparently, I was an active child. So I was able to do a pullover on a gymnastics bar and ride a bicycle without training wheels at that time. I remember that I always took the front-most passenger seat on the bus while I was coming back home and got along with the bus driver.


★ My elementary school days 私の小学生時代

In the early grades of elementary school, I didn‘t get good grades because I was not much interested in studies, but I was just good at arts and crafts and also physical education. When I was in the third grade, because I became the head class representative, I remember the teacher in my second grade told me that I was moving up in the world.


When I was in elementary school, I really liked collecting insects. I was especially into collecting stag and rhinoceros beetles in summer. There was a forest called Donguriyama. I enjoyed collecting stag and rhinoceros beetles there every summer. In those days, a friend of mine who lived in Kouya town told me about a secret tree in a forest in Kouya town where we could collect many rhinoceros beetles. In spite of summer heat, we put on a long-sleeved shirt and long pants because we were afraid that insects would sting us and we pushed our way to the secret tree. Finally, I remember we could see the tree where there were five or six beetles. It was a precious memory of mine.


I‘ve always loved sports as long as I can remember. I was much better at ball games than martial arts because I was confident in not being powerful but dexterous. So although I went to a kendo dojo for about two years from the fifth grade, I remember I was sometimes frustrated that I lost to underclassmen. The reason why I started to practice kendo was because my best friend went there. He was the strongest in the dojo. I envied him. However, he moved to Syuzenji, Shizuoka where there was a cycle racing school because his father was a cycle racer who became a cycle racing instructor. It was a sorrowful memory. But I remember I went to his house in summer vacation and I enjoyed activities in nature such as spearfishing ayu and yamame in the river. Since I was confident in not agility but stamina, I was good at endurance running. In addition, I went to a public facility to learn to ride a unicycle at the time. I remember that I was able to ride a unicycle fastest out of all the participants perhaps because I was good at ball games. I have participated in a local competition. I acquired second grade in a sports test when I was in fifth grade. Not bad, right?


Our school made it a rule to show fife and drum corps at the sports day when we were in fifth grade. So I practiced playing the trumpet for about a year to play at the event. But I had trouble improving my trumpet skills. So I realized I didn‘t have any musical talent then. So I don‘t play any musical instruments now. In the upper grades of elementary school, I went to a calligraphy class to practice calligraphy. I am proud that I got a Nippon Budokan award in sixth grade. I became very interested in science and mathematics from about fifth grade. But I was not good at arts and humanities subjects. At the time, I liked to collect things, and I collected key holders, pennants and kept plastic Gundam models I made. Those were memories of my elementary school days.



★ My junior high school days 私の中学生時代

I belonged to a basketball club when I was in junior high school. I played point guard, making the most of my dexterity. Our best team result was the third prize in the west of the prefecture. Not bad, right? Our school set the time slots before and after school for club activities then. Several members from our team including myself even jogged before the morning club activity when the school jogging competition was approaching. We did our best. We were young. In a jogging competition, I was within the top twenty in my grade.


I was the first or second shortest in my class. Compared to an average height of Japanese, I am short even now though. I remember that my teacher sometimes said I was a restless student.


In my sophomore year at junior high school, Tsukuba Science Expo 85 was held. The venue was near my house, so I went there many times. I especially liked the ‘steel pavilion’. It was the time when 3D movies were rare. So I was really interested in why we can see movies in the 3D format. Then, I was excited when I knew the structure of a 3D movie. I could understand that we have two eyes to see objects three-dimentionally. I have loved science since then.


In my senior year of junior high school, an interclass singing contest took place and our class won. The song our class sang was “sayonara“ produced by ‘Off Course’. After that, we performed in a bigger competition as a prize for winning. I still have the cassette tape of that time. To tell you the truth, I can‘t say it sounds marvelous. So whenever I hear it, I cannot help laughing. It is a precious memory of mine.


★ My high school days 私の高校時代

I enrolled in Mitsukaido Daiichi High School. I belonged to valley ball club in my high school. I played as a setter. Our team didn‘t do so well in a competition. At the time, I gave our team a lot of trouble due to my lack of powerfulness. So I remember I sometimes did muscle training after club activities. We stopped by small-time candy store after club activities and always talked with each other while eating small-time candy. It was fun and a precious time for me.


I was not doing so much well at school at the time because I was into club activity, neglecting my studies. But, I was only good at Physical Education (laugh). In my senior year of high school, my right eyesight was getting bad sharply. But my left eyesight keeps good as yet. Fortunately, I can see ordinarily with both eyes without glasses and I am not even getting presbyopia because I can see objects at close range due to myopia in my right eye. I am so happy. By the way, early in my senior year of high school, I mastered Harmonica Fluent Sonic of pen spinning (laugh). After my club activity ended in my senior year of high school, I devoted myself to my studies due to enrolling in college. But, I failed to pass an entrance examination since I couldn’t focus enough on studying. So I decided to be a “ronin”.


★ My ”ronin(preparation for the entrance exams for university)” days 私の浪人時代

I decided to join Kawaijuku at sendagaya and live in a dormitory at shinkoiwa. At the time, I became particular interested in physics. So I gave almost all my time for studying only physics. To be honest, I talked with my friends in the dormitory longer than studied. I was not very good at English at the time. I regret I should‘ve focused on studying English at the time. If I did, my horizon(options for future career) would be broadened now. What is done is done. I couldn’t help it.


★ My college days 私の大学時代

I enrolled in Tokyo University of Science. I majored in electrical engineering. I belonged to a tennis circle. Our tennis circle focused on events. I am a precious memory that our circle went on a trip to Niseko Ski Resort at Hokkaido prefecture and enjoyed skiing. So few members devoted themselves to practicing tennis. But I was into playing tennis. I gave all my free time to playing tennis, neglecting my studies. I focused on doubles game because it was fun to breathe in sync with my partner. But we did not do so well in the competitions. At best, we were a third-round pick in local tournaments. I was not also doing so much well at school at the time because I was into club activity, neglecting my studies. But I did an instructor teaching math and science at junior high school and high school level for about three years at the time. I remember it gave me pleasure to teach to children.


Late in my third year at college, our college made it a rule to conduct proficiency test. The contents of that test were electric circuit, electronic circuit and electronic magnetic. At the time, I tried to demonstrate my ability as much as possible. That test resulted in grade in the teens out of about 150 students. My confidence came over at the time and I decided to enter a graduate school. Our college made it a rule to belong to a lab class in senior college and to focus on research for a year at the time. I went to Ministry of International Trade and Industry Electronics Research Institute for a year at the time and I focused on acquiring engineering skills. I studied contents concerning Photovoltaic Materials. Finally, I was able to pass the national 1 type test and enroll in the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School.


At the time, our college made every effort to increase the number of students to work as government official of the 1st class. So I received following award by our college. I was so honored to receive this award.



★ My graduate school days 私の大学院時代

I enrolled in the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School. But, after I enrolled in this school, I was worried about my lack of ability. After that, I became pessimistic, and I was worried a little about something I would never have been concerned about before. Actually, I cannot look back on those days without feeling depressed. My research theme was to integrate ferroelectric into semiconductor device. At that time, in my free time, all I did was to complain about my research. I think I was starting to get some personal issues from those days. At that time, on summer vacation, I went on a trip to transverse Hokuriku-Kinki Region by a rent-a-car with my classmates. First of all, we went to Noroshiro light house at the northern most tip of ishikawa prefecture and stayed there all night in the car. The night view full of a lot of stars there took my breath away. After that, we enjoyed driving and did the sights of all over Hokuriku-Kinki Region such as Nachi Waterfall , Lake Biwa , Grand Shrine at Ise and so on. That is a precious memory of graduate school days. By the way, I managed to complete a masters degree.


★ My working life days 私の社会人時代

After I graduated Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School, I spent about three years doing semiconductor memory device development planning at Toshiba. During the training period, I went to Himeji Factory in order to train. At that time, I also went on a trip to transverse Shikoku by a rent-a-car with my colleagues on summer vacation. First of all, we rent a car at Okayama prefecture and crossed the Seto Inland Sea from Honshu to Shikoku via the Seto Ohashi Bridge. After that, we did the sights of all over Shikoku. We took a bath at Dogo Hot Spring, enjoyed eating Sanuki udon, toured many people who were practicing Awa Odori and so on. Also, we enjoyed several kinds of sightseeing spots such as Cape Ashizuri at the southern most tip of Shikoku and so on. I would say that it always gave me pleasure to drive all my life. In fact, It is a shame that I cannot look back on contents I worked without feeling depressed (laugh) . After I spent about three years working, I suffered from some personal issues and came back to my hometown.


★ My fighting against an illness 私の社会人時代

I‘ve suffered from some personal issues for about twenty years. So until a few years ago, I had been in a continuous state in apathy. And I haven‘t worked for a long, long time. In other words, I regret having wasted a great deal of my life. As soon as I left a company due to some personal issues, I came back to my hometown and I had been in hospital for about three months. After I discharged from hospital, I went to Tokyo University of Science about once a week to get a teacher‘s license for technical high school. I remember I had much trouble commuting to the college because negative symptoms began. However, I managed to get this license.


After that, although I tried to apply for a technical high school as an instructor, it resulted in failure. Then, I tried to apply for a couple of companies, These resulted in complete failure because I couldn‘t even introduce myself due to negative symptoms. After that, although I don’t know whether it was a side effect of medicine, I couldn’t express myself clearly so I kept myself from others for a long time. When I was in by far worst condition, I couldn‘t do daily chore such as blushing teeth, taking a bath and so on. When I took a bath, I felt like I had much trouble washing my body, so I sometimes kept sleeping in the bathtub for more than five hours due to escaping from harsh realities that I had to wash my body. I weighed about 80 kg at my fattest. But now I weigh about 60 Kg. I am so happy.


In recent years, my condition has improved rapidly. Although I don‘t know the reason since I am not an expert, the reason for this is because I started to exercise from about seven years ago such as muscle training and aero bike and so on and I had my physician reduce the dosage of medicines. But, I don‘t do exercise so much since the pandemic of COVID-19 began. I couldn‘t help it. I will start to do things like that again, if the pandemic is over. I regained the desire to try various things. So whenever I become interested in something, I think I should give it a try. Thus, first of all, I got qualifications as .com Master ADVANCE★★ and Microsoft Office Specialist Master about three years ago.

ここ数年、体調が急激に良くなりました。専門家ではないので理由はわかりませんが、7年ほど前から筋トレやエアロバイクなど運動をするようになったことと、主治医に薬の量を減らしてもらったことが原因です。しかし、COVID-19の大流行が始まってからは、あまり運動はしていません。どうしようもないんですけどね。パンデミックが終わったら、またそういうことを始めようと思っています。いろいろなことに挑戦する意欲を取り戻しました。だから、何か興味を持ったら、やってみようと思うんです。そこで、まず3年ほど前に「.com Master ADVANCE★★」と「Microsoft Office Specialist Master」の資格を取得しました。


Also, I decided that I needed to study and conquer English conversation, which is something that I had always felt I was not good at, and had therefore avoided studying.


★ My short term goal in the near future 近未来の短期的な目標

Actually, my dream for the past few years was to become an instructor to teach math, science and English at the elementary and junior high school level. I‘ve made every effort to make my dreams come true for the past few years. But I became aware that I gave many people a lot of trouble due to my personal issues. So I decided to put aside my dream of becoming an instructor to teach to children. It‘s still uncertain how I should do for a living from now. I want to spend some time pursuing how to live for the time being. In my short term goal, I‘ll focus on learning English until I gain English fluency. I could get 785 points on the TOEIC L&R about a year ago.

実は、ここ数年の夢は、小中学校で数学、理科、英語を教える講師になることでした。この数年、夢を実現するためにあらゆる努力を重ねてきました。しかし、個人的な問題で多くの人に迷惑をかけていることを自覚するようになりました。そこで、子どもたちに教えるインストラクターになる夢は、一旦、あきらめることにしました。これからどう生きていけばいいのか、まだわからない。当面はどう生きていくかを追及することに時間を費やしたいと思っています。短期的な目標としては、英語ができるようになるまで、英語の勉強に力を入れたいと思います。1年ほど前にTOEIC L&Rで785点を取ることができた。

I am proud of this result. But, I am not very good at speaking skills. I‘ll do my best to conquer this weak point of mine. It‘s still up in the air whether I‘ll try to become an instructor again or not. By the way, all I have to do is to gain English fluency for the moment. That‘s all.


Introduction of Japan:スポーツ編



There are some national sports in Japan such as Sumo, Judo, Karate, and Kendo.


All of them are competitions of strength between two strong combatants.

  • Sumo is a competition where two combatants fight within a circle called the “DOHYO.” If one person puts an opponent down or pushes him out of the circle, he wins.
  • Judo is a competition where scoring is determined by the techniques of the two combatants. Judo is well-known as an Olympic sport.
  • Karate is a competition which is kind of similar to Kenpo. Karate became an Olympic sport recently.
  • Kendo is a competition where two combatants use long sticks and which resembles sword fighting. I used to practice kendo at a kendo dojo when I was a child, although I didn‘t do so well.


There are some pro sports which are very popular in Japan such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and so on.

  • The Giants and Tigers are Japan’s pro baseball teams traditionally. The Giants are based in the eastern half of Japan, in the Kanto region. The Tigers are based in the western half of Japan, in the Kansai region. The games that the Giants play were usually broadcast in the the Kanto region in my youth. I often watched the Giants games on TV in my free time since I was a kid because I lived in Kanto region. That‘s why I am a big fan of the Giants without knowing it. As you may know, Shohei Ohtani is well-known all over the world as two-way major league player. I am also a big fan of him.
  • Soccer is also one of the most popular sports in Japan. Team Japan’s best record for the World Cup was placing in the top sixteen.
  • Basketball established a pro league recently and is getting more popular every day.





  • 相撲は “土俵 “と呼ばれる輪の中で二人が戦う競技です。一方が相手を倒すか、輪の外に押し出すと勝ちとなる。
  • 柔道は、二人の技で得点を競う競技です。柔道はオリンピック種目として有名です。
  • 空手は、拳法に似た競技です。空手は最近オリンピック種目となりました。
  • 剣道は、二人の格闘家が長い棒を使い、剣術に似ている競技です。私は子供の頃、剣道道場で剣道の練習をしていましたが、あまり上手ではありませんでした。



  • 巨人軍とタイガースは日本の伝統的なプロ野球チームです。ジャイアンツは日本の東半分、関東地方に本拠地を置いています。タイガースは、日本の西半分、関西に本拠地を置いている。私の若かりし頃、ジャイアンツの試合は一般的に関東地方で放送されていました。私は関東に住んでいたので、子供の頃から暇さえあればよく巨人戦をテレビで見ていました。だから、知らず知らずのうちに巨人軍の大ファンになりました。ご存知のように、大谷翔平選手は二刀流のメジャーリーガーとして世界的に有名です。私も彼の大ファンです。
  • サッカーも日本で最も人気のあるスポーツの一つです。ワールドカップでの日本チームの最高成績はベスト16でした。
  • バスケットボールは最近プロリーグができ、日に日に人気が高まっています。

Introduction of Japan:添削後

Introduction of Japan:添削後

有料添削サイトにて、添削して頂きました。やはりお金を出してでも添削して頂くことは、とても重要であるなとつくづく感じております。正直、結構お金はかかりますが、見返りは十二分にあると分かりました。後々この英文も暗唱出来ればと考えております。まあ、焦らず、一つ一つゆっくりとステップアップですね。頑張ります。My Half Life(私の半生)も今、添削してもらっている最中です。とても楽しみです。


I’d like to tell you a little about Japan from my point of view.

Japan has five main islands called Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa. Besides, there are thousands of other islands in Japan. I live in Ibaraki prefecture. Located on The Pacific Ocean side of Honshu, it requires about two hours drive from Tokyo toward the northeast. Needless to say, Tokyo is the capital of Japan. What do you know about Ibaraki? Ibaraki has Mt. Tsukuba. People say, “Fuji in the west, Tsukuba in the east.” This means Mt. Tsukuba is one of the symbolic mountains in Japan. The view from the summit of Mt. Tsukuba is breathtaking. Hikers can enjoy a picturesque view of the Kanto plain from there. Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. Its altitude is 3,776 meters. There are five lakes around Mt. Fuji: Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Sai, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Motosu and Lake Shoji. The Mt. Fuji area including these lakes is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ibaraki also has the Kairaku-en Garden, which is one of ‘The Three Great Gardens of Japan’. It’s well-known for plum blossoms in spring. The other Great Gardens are Koraku-en Garden in Okayama prefecture and Kenroku-en Garden in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture. Both gardens offer seasonally distinctive landscapes.

Tokyo has two radio towers called Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree. The Tokyo Sky Tree is the highest building in Japan and is newer than Tokyo Tower. At present, Tokyo Tower is used as a spare radio tower in case Tokyo Sky Tree is unavailable.

Kyoto was once a capital and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Japan. There are more than 2,000 shrines and temples. They include the seventeen places listed as a World Heritage site: The Ginkakuji temple, the Kiyomizu temple and the Kinkakuji pavilion which is covered with gold leaf, to name a few. People recognize Kyoto as a place preserving Japanese traditions and “wa (translated as harmony or Japanese)”. Both Japanese and foreigners are attracted to the prefecture. It has Amanohashidate, one of Japan‘s three famous beauty spots. The other beauty spots are Matsushima and the Miya-Jima island, which has a Shinto shrine archway offshore.

Japan has some famous large Buddha statues such as the Great Buddha in Nara and the Great Buddha of Kamakura. The Kamakura one allows people to enter inside the statue and is smaller than the one in Nara. The Great Buddha of Ushiku in Ibaraki prefecture, where I live, is 120 meters high, making it the highest bronze standing statue in the world and registered in the Guinness Book of World.

Hokkaido has a lot of natural beauty and is popular as a ski resort among foreigners as well as Japanese. I have been to the Niseko ski resort too and enjoyed skiing.

Okinawa is well known as a sightseeing spot which has beautiful beaches and many other natural attractions.

There are many hot springs in Kyushu, where Fukuoka prefecture is located, a prefecture well-known as a gateway to other Asian countries.

Shikoku is famous for the Shikoku pilgrimage. I would like to experience it at least once.

Nikko in Tochigi prefecture is one of the most famous sightseeing spots among foreigners mainly because of the Toshogu shrine, which is brilliant and gorgeous to enshrine a Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Kegon Falls, one of Japan’s three famous waterfalls. Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu is one of the most famous historic figures in Japan. The other famous waterfalls are Nachi Waterfall in Wakayama prefecture and Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki prefecture, where I live.



日本には、北海道、本州、四国、九州、沖縄という5つの主要な島があります。それ以外にも、日本には何千もの島があります。私は茨城県に住んでいます。本州の太平洋側に位置し、東京から東北方面へ車で約2時間かかります。言うまでもなく、東京は日本の首都です。皆さんは、茨城県についてどんなことを知っていますか?茨城県には筑波山があります。”西の富士、東の筑波 “と言われますね。つまり、筑波山は日本を象徴する山のひとつなのです。筑波山の山頂からの眺めは、息をのむほど美しい。関東平野を一望できます。富士山は、日本で一番高い山です。標高は3,776メートルです。富士山周辺には5つの湖があります。河口湖、西湖、山中湖、本栖湖、精進湖です。これらの湖を含む富士山地域は、ユネスコの世界遺産に登録されております。











Introduction of Japan:添削前

I‘d like to tell you a little bit about Japan from my point of view.

Japan has five mainlands called Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa. Also, there are thousands of islands in Japan. I live in Ibaraki prefecture in about an hour  northeast of Tokyo on The Pacific Ocean side of Honshu. Needless to say, Tokyo is Capital in Japan. What do you know it is like in Ibaraki ? Ibaraki has Mt. Tsukuba. People say, “Fuji in the west, Tsukuba in the east.” In short, Mt. Tsukuba is one of the most famous mountains in Japan. The view from the top of Mt. Tsukuba is breathtaking. From there, there is a picturesque view of the Kanto plain. Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. It‘s 3776 meters high above sea level. There are five lakes around Mt. Fuji called Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Sai, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Motosu and Lake Shoji. Mt. Fuji including these lakes are The World Heritage Site.

Ibaraki also has Kairaku Garden which is one of Three Great Gardens of Japan. It‘s well-known for plum blossoms in spring. The others of Three Great Gardens of Japan are Koraku Garden in Okayama prefecture and Kenroku Garden in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture. Both of Gardens have a lot of natural beauty in every season.

Tokyo has two radio towers called Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree. The Tokyo Sky Tree is the highest building in Japan and also newer than Tokyo Tower. At present, Tokyo Tower is used by spare radio tower in case that Tokyo Sky Tree is unavailable.

Kyoto was once Capital and is also one of the most famous sightseeing spots. There are more than two thousand shrines and temples there. Kyoto has seventeen world heritage sites such as Ginkakuji temple, Kiyomizu temple , Kinkakuji temple which is covered with gold leaf and so on. Kyoto is well-known the place which has kept on having Japanese traditional “wa” and also popular among not only Japanese but foreigners as well. Also, Kyoto has Amanohashidate which is one of Japan‘s three famous sights.

The others of Japan‘s three famous sights are Matsushima and Miya Jima, which has a Shinto shrine archway above the ocean. There are some famous large statues of Buddha such as the Great Buddha of Nara and the Great Buddha of Kamakura in Japan. The Great Buddha of Kamakura allows people to enter inside the statue and is also smaller than the Great Buddha of Nara. Also, the Great Buddha of Ushiku in Ibaraki prefecture where I live is 120 meters high, the highest bronze standing statue in the world and registered in the Guinness Book of World records.

Hokkaido has a lot of natural beauty and is also popular for ski resorts among foreigners as well as Japanese. I have been to the Niseko ski resort before and enjoyed skiing.

Okinawa also has a lot of natural beauty and is well known for a sightseeing spot which has beautiful beaches.

Kyusyu has Fukuoka prefecture, which is well-known as Gateway to Asia and there are also many hot spring spots.

Shikoku is famous for Shikoku pilgrimage. I wish I would have an experience of it at least once.

Nikko in Tochigi prefecture is one of the most famous sightseeing spots among foreigners such as Sunlight East Shine Palace well known for the place which is brilliant and gorgeous and enshrine Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, Kegon Falls as one of Japan’s three famous waterfalls and so on. Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu is one of the most famous historical figures in Japan. The others of Japan’s three famous waterfalls are Nachi Waterfall in Wakayama prefecture  and Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki prefecture where I live.



一人英会話支援サービスの添削をほぼ済ませていただきました。まだ、微調整があるかもしれませんが、現在(4/6)、これらの暗唱を進めております。この暗唱と、先日HomePageにアップした”My Half Life(私の半生”を暗唱した後、オンライン英会話を再スタートしたいと考えております。しかし、そう簡単に英会話がスラスラとストレス無く行えるようになるようなマジックみたいなことは起こらないと私は考えております。一つ一つずつゆっくりステップアップですね💦。頑張ります!




I‘dlike to tell you a little bit about myself. I have a very curious personality. I am especially interested in future-oriented things such as the Internet and social media. Speaking of the Internet, we can communicate with people all over the world. I am also interested in World Heritage sites such as The Pyramids and Machu Picchu. Actually, I’ve never been abroad, so I’d like to go see them someday. I sometimes enjoy listening to music because listening to music always helps me feel relaxed. It gives me pleasure to enjoy nature, so our family sometimes goes to see seasonal flowers at flower viewing spots. I’d like to see the Aurora in person at least once. I’ve always loved sports since I can remember. I majored in electrical engineering at the Tokyo University of Science. My highest level of completed education is a Masters degree in Electronic Systems at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School. After that, I spent three years doing semiconductor memory device development planning at Toshiba. Actually, I haven’t worked for a long time because I suffer from some personal issues. But in recent years, my condition has improved rapidly. So I’d like to put an end to this boring life.

私自身のことを少しお話したいと思います。私はとても好奇心旺盛な性格です。特にインターネットやソーシャルメディアなど、未来志向のものに興味があります。インターネットといえば、世界中の人たちとコミュニケーションすることができます。 また、ピラミッドやマチュピチュなどの世界遺産にも興味があります。 実は、海外に行ったことがないので、いつか見に行きたいと思っています。 音楽を聴くとリラックスできるので、たまに音楽を聴くのも楽しみです。 自然を楽しむことも好きなので、家族でお花見に行くこともあります。 物心ついたときからスポーツが好きでした。 東京理科大学では電気工学を専攻していました。最終学歴は東京工業大学大学院の修士課程(電子システム専攻)です。その後、東芝で3年間、半導体メモリデバイスの開発企画を担当しました。 実は、個人的な問題で長い間仕事をしていませんでした。しかし、ここ数年、体調が急速に良くなってきました。だから、この退屈な生活に終止符を打ちたいんです。



My dream is to become an instructor teaching English at the elementary and junior high school level. So, I have to improve my English skills in order to be able to teach English to children. Also, I‘ve always had a desire to master English. English has been my weak point ever since I was in college. Fortunately, I now have enough time to spend studying English since I don’t have a job. So, I decided I wanted to acquire English skills.

I started studying English about four years ago and make it a point to study English every day. Recently, I started to learn English conversation. Actually, I find it hard to put what I feel into words in English and I have had a lot of difficulty improving my pronunciation. I‘m thinking of solving these problems little by little.

These are my studying methods. I practice talking to myself by answering questions my teacher created. I also practice reading aloud English sentences with the native speaker‘s voice recording, and also practice quick translation with short, simple sentences. My short term goal is to  be able to speak English fluently. I want to make every effort to learn how to teach, to make English as easily understandable for children as possible.  By the way, I decided to put aside my dream of becoming an English teacher as of march 9.



下記が私の勉強法です。先生が作った質問に答えることで、自分から話す練習をしています。また、ネイティブスピーカーの録音された音声を元に英文を音読する練習や、短い簡単な文章を瞬間英作文する練習もしています。私の短期的な目標は、英語を流暢に話せるようになることです。そして、子どもたちに少しでもわかりやすい英語を伝えられるよう、教え方の勉強にも力を入れたいと思っています。 ちなみに、3月9日をもって、英語の先生になる夢はひとまず白紙にすることにしました。



I was born and raised in Joso City, Ibaraki prefecture. My city is well-known for Princess Sen, who is granddaughter of Ieyasu Tokugawa. Ieyasu Tokugawa is one of the most famous historical figures in Japan. My city has a lot of natural beauty . So, my city is very comfortable to live in because of this natural beauty. My family sometimes goes to see seasonal flowers at flower-viewing spots such as Akebonoyama Agricultural Park, Norin sakura-dori, Mt. Tsukuba, Fukuoka Dam Sakura Park, and so on. The view from the top of Mt. Tsukuba is breathtaking. From there, there is a picturesque view of the Kanto plain. It is also possible to  see plum blossoms on the slopes of Mt. Tsukuba in Spring. Plum blossoms will come out soon and I am looking forward to seeing them.

I really like that the countryside is not crowded at all. It feels like time goes by slowly. However, the drawback of the countryside is that there is not a large amount of public transportation like trains and buses. So when we want to go somewhere, we almost always take a car. By contrast, urban areas appear to be more attractive to many people because they can get anything they want anytime, anywhere, in person. But, urban areas always make us feel rushed. So I don‘t like urban areas that much.

私は、茨城県常総市で生まれ育ちました。私の住む街は、徳川家康の孫娘である千姫でよく知られています。徳川家康は、日本で最も有名な歴史上の人物の一人です。私の市は、多くの自然美を持っています。ですから、私の市はこの自然の美しさのおかげで、とても住みやすいのです。私たち家族は時々、あけぼの山農業公園、筑波山、福岡堰桜公園、農林桜通りなどの花見スポットに季節の花を見に行きます。筑波山の山頂からの眺めは絶景です。     そこからは関東平野が一望でき、絵になる景色が広がっています。また、春には筑波山の斜面に梅の花を見ることができます。もうすぐ梅の花が咲きそうで、楽しみです。

田舎は人が全然いないのがすごくいい。時間がゆっくり流れているような気がします。ただ、田舎の欠点は、電車やバスなどの公共交通機関があまりないことです。  だから、どこかに出かけようとすると、ほとんど車に乗ることになります。それに対して、都市部は、いつでも、どこでも、欲しいものが手に入るという点で、多くの人にとって魅力的に映るようです。しかし、都市部ではいつも急かされている感じがします。だから、私は都会があまり好きではありません。



Actually, I‘ve never been abroad in my life because I‘ve suffered from some personal issues for about twenty years. So until a few years ago, I was in a continuous state of apathy and I‘ve not felt like going out for a long time. However, in recent years, my condition has improved rapidly. I regained the desire to try various things. Now, I am thinking of going abroad to places such as Canada and so on. Actually, I don’t particularly like hot weather. Canada‘s climate is cooler than Japan. Therefore, I think Canada‘s climate might fit me.

There are two main reasons for wanting to go to Canada. First, For sightseeing, I‘d like to see the Aurora in person at least once and to also go see Niagara falls as well as the Canadian Rockies. If possible, I‘d like to go abroad alone without someone’s help because I want to have a lot of flexible time to go anywhere I want and to go  whenever I want. Second, I would like to study abroad and I‘d like to stay there for as much time as possible until I gain English fluency. I‘d like to join a local language school and focus on acquiring English skills all day by learning in circumstances where I have no choice but to speak English. Also, I‘d like to do a Home Stay and enjoy communicating with Canadian people.

実は、20年ほど前から個人的な問題で悩んでいて、生まれてこの方、海外に行ったことがないんです。  そのため、数年前までは無気力状態が続き、外出する気も起きない状態が長く続いていました。しかし、ここ数年、私の状態は急速に改善されています。いろいろなことに挑戦する意欲を取り戻したのです。今は、カナダなど海外に出かけようと思っています。実は、暑いのはあまり好きではありません。カナダは日本より涼しい気候です。だから、カナダの気候は私に合っているかもしれないと思っています。

カナダに行きたいと思った理由は、大きく分けて2つあります。1つ目は、観光でオーロラを一度は見てみたいということと、ナイアガラの滝やカナディアンロッキーも見てみたいということです。好きな時に好きなところへ行けるよう、時間の融通を利かせたいので、できれば誰かの手を借りずに一人で行きたいです。2つ目は、留学して、英語が流暢に話せるようになるまでできるだけ長く滞在したいです。  現地の語学学校に入り、英語を話さざるを得ない状況で学ぶことで、一日中英語力を身につけることに集中したいです。また、ホームステイをして、カナダの人たちとのコミュニケーションを楽しみたいです。



Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, I used to go to a public gym to work out about twice a week for about two years. But, actually, I haven’t gone there for about two years due to this pandemic. In addition, my family has not eaten out and has not done any of our favorite pastimes, such as going to a coffee shop, since the Pandemic began. Once the Pandemic is over, we will start to do things like that again.

Although I don’t know since I am not an expert, if we regard COVID-19 as something like the flu, I think  it might be impossible to end COVID-19.  So we might have to live with covid-19.  But compared to the flu, we want to know how dangerous covid-19 is, right ?  By the way, about two years has passed since the Pandemic started. I think It‘s about time for us to have our lifestyle returned to previous one . What do you think? In any case, I think we will need to take appropriate measures to prevent an infection like COVID-19 from spreading. If the Pandemic is declared over, I‘d like to go abroad. I am especially interested in World Heritage sites, such as The Pyramids, Machu Picchu, the Grand Canyon and so on. Also, I‘d like to drive by a car all over the world. Especially the United States, Canada, Mongolia and so on.


専門家ではないので分かりませんが、COVID -19をインフルエンザのようなものと考えれば、COVID-19を終わらせることは不可能かもしれないと思います。だから、私たちはCOVID -19と共存していかなければならないかもしれません。 しかし、インフルエンザに比べれば、COVID -19がどれだけ危険か知りたいですよね?ところで、パンデミック発生から約2年が経過しました。そろそろ以前のような生活スタイルに私達は戻してもいい頃ではないかと私は思うのですが。どうでしょう?いずれにせよ、COVID-19のような感染症が蔓延しないよう、適切な対策が必要だと私は思います。パンデミックの終息宣言が出たら、海外に行きたいです。特に、ピラミッド、マチュピチュ、グランドキャニオンなどの世界遺産に興味があります。また、車で世界中をドライブしてみたいです。特にアメリカ、カナダ、モンゴルなど。



Actually, I use the TV more often than I do the  Internet. I mostly use the Internet in order to post what I think and feel on my homepage and I also Tweet at least once a day on Twitter about how I study English a day. In addition, I also search for the parts of English that I have studied the past few years but still don’t understand.  We can‘t rule out the possibility that working on the Internet might cause my data to leak somewhere. So, I am afraid of the invasion of my privacy. By the way, I decided to refrain from posting for the time being because my physician advised me to do so while I am in hospital.

By contrast, my family usually enjoys watching a noon program on TV while eating lunch every day. In my free time, I sometimes enjoy watching several sports and sports news on TV. Especially, I enjoy Sumo , baseball , tennis and so on.

Many people say that TV broadcasts are much more credible than the Internet. In fact, There is a lot of fake information on the Internet. I think that the merit of the Internet is to be able to watch content anytime, wherever. Now more and more people tend to make use of the interactive nature of the medium like the Internet. On the other hand, TV just gives us content at specific times . But, recently , It looks like TV programs equipped with interactivity like the Internet is increasing.

実は、インターネットよりもテレビの方がよく使うんですよ。インターネットは、思ったこと、感じたことをホームページに書き込むために使うことがほとんどで、Twitterでも1日1回は1日の英語の勉強法についてつぶやいています。また、ここ数年勉強してきたけれども、まだ理解できていない英語の箇所を検索したりもします。 インターネット上で作業をしていると、私のデータがどこかに流出する可能性も否定できません。だから、プライバシーの侵害を恐れています。ちなみに、入院中は医師からのアドバイスもあり、当面は投稿を控えることにしました。





My glory days were in college. When I was in college, in my free time, I always enjoyed playing tennis, neglecting my studies. I was into tennis. It‘s a precious memory of the old days. When I went to lab class in college, I realized I didn‘t have much engineering skills. So I made every effort to get engineering skills for about a year. Thanks to my best efforts. I was able to pass the national 1 type test. Also, I enrolled in the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate school. But, after I enrolled in this school, I was worried about my lack of ability.

After that, I became pessimistic, and I was worried a little about something I would never have been concerned about before. Actually, I cannot look back on those days and three years of working life without feeling depressed. However, I think I gained a little mental strength because I had experienced this ordeal. Although it took me a long, long time to gain my confidence. Now I tend to keep my feelings to myself. But my condition is improving rapidly. I am sure that a delightful future will be waiting for me. If I could get English skills, these skills would broaden my horizon. I will do my best.

私の栄光の時代は大学時代です。大学時代 暇な時はいつも勉強そっちのけでテニスに興じていました。テニスに夢中でした。昔の大切な思い出です。大学で研究室に所属したとき、自分には技術力があまりないことに気づきました。そこで、1年ほどかけて技術力を身につける努力をしました。頑張った甲斐がありました。国家1種に合格することができました。また、東京工業大学大学院に入学しました。しかし、入学後、自分の実力不足に悩みました。




My favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption. I‘d like to tell you a bit about this one. Although the hero was innocent, he did time for his crime that he killed his wife. While doing time. his abilities brought revolution to a prison. The hero had a strong spirit that never gave up. This movie taught me that hard work is reworded. Another favorite movie of mine is Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. This movie taught me that our future depends on how we should protect the Earth‘s environment. In other words, this movie offers profound insights into our future. I really like the series of movies made by Hayao Miyazaki.

I‘ve often enjoyed watching animal programs on TV. These programs taught me that there are several kinds of species all over the world and the ecosystem is very important for us to live on earth. Many fragile species are on the brink of extinction, although I don‘t know whether global warming is linked with that or not. However, There are a lot of species on the verge of extinction in every generation. I think it‘s uncertain whether we should protect these species to keep ecosystem or not. But needless to say, we have to take measures to keep things from endangering our planet such as global warming.





If I am going to live abroad, I‘d like to live in a country where I can speak English. Since I have been studying English for about four years. If possible, I‘d like to take advantage of these skills. Also, I really like a countries which have a lot of natural beauty. It always gives me pleasure to enjoy nature. So I want to live in the countryside. Actually, I am not a big fan of hot weather. So I hope I will live in a country which is cooler than Japan.

And then, I‘d like to live in surroundings where I could eat Japanese food. In other words, I could get rice, raw fish and so on. Actually, I am not familiar with how to acquire nationality. So if I live abroad, I need to research such things, right? In addition, The way to make a living is very important. But, I think anything will do as long as I can make ends meet. Right? Although I tend to be particular about a job because there are several kinds of work in Japan. Actually, I am not particular about money. And then, privacy and safety are also essential elements of my life. In short, anything will do as long as I am not deprived of my privacy and people are also fair to everyone.





I am not particular about money. Actually, I‘d like to put a reason to live before money. I‘ve suffered from some personal issues for about twenty years. So until a few years ago, I was in a continuous state of  apathy. In other words, I regret having wasted a great deal of my life. So I realized that it is very important for us to look for a reason to live. I decided to improve my English skills. I think that nothing is better than being able to regard not money but a job as a reason to live. But. Actually, I became aware that I was giving people a lot of trouble in my life.

I am worried about how much I might give trouble to people from now on by getting a job. I would say I am determined to make a living as an instructor teaching to children at the elementary and junior high school level at all costs. On the other hand, I am of two minds whether I keep on living on a disability pension or I get a job even if I might give people trouble. Actually, It makes no difference to me whether I get a job or not, as long as I am not deprived of a reason to live. I might keep on learning English all my life. Anything will do as long as I am not treated unfairly. If it is impossible, I might have no choice but to change the surroundings where I live.





I usually take advantage of Twitter in order to tweet how I study English a day and also in order to keep my motivation that I have to study English to a certain extent. I am afraid of privacy on social media because we can‘t rule out the possibility that the conversations we exchanged might leak somewhere. In fact, I know that there were a lot of problems with confidential information when a celebrity conversation leaked. Fortunately, probably, I don’t think that I have conversations I am worried about. I became aware of being deprived of privacy. So I think that I might give strangers that I will talk with a lot of trouble.

I wish the privacy of others will be protected at least on the only Internet because I am aware that I cannot escape from my personal issues. Now the Internet has become a necessity, all information has become global. So I think there are a lot of problems such as slander, fake information and so on. Because of these, since some people have found no place they felt they belonged, they might commit suicide. We should give some thought to these matters.





The most expensive thing I‘ve ever bought in my life was a car, a Toyota LEVIN, when I was in college. Because I had to commute to college by car. At the time, It took me way more time to get to college by train than by car. So I wanted to go to college by car. I worked for several kinds of part time jobs for about two years in order to buy one. Finally, I saved about 1.3 million yen and bought a LEVIN. At that time, Since I had trouble buying one, I took good care of mine. It is a precious memory of my college days. I‘ve always loved driving since then. Our family sometimes enjoy driving around my town.

Actually, I have a habit of collecting things. When I was a child, I collected key holders, pennants and Gundams of plastic models I made. Because I think I tend to fail buying cheaper ones in my experience, I make it a rule to buy expensive things and use them for as much time as possible these days. In other words, I could use them for as much time as possible without getting sick of them, right ? For the past few years, things I have bought for myself are sportwear made by Nike at a shop in person. By the way, a few years ago, I bought equipment for the Internet on impulse in order to feel more secure. I couldn‘t help it. It is a sorrowful memory of these days.