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★ My kindergarten days  私の幼稚園時代

Kindergarten where I attended had yellow, blue and white groups from the lower grades. I attended from blue group for two years. I seemed to be an active child. So I was able to do an inverted ascent and ride a bicycle without assistance at that time. I only remember that I always took the frontmost chair on the bus when I came back home from kindergarten and got along with a bus driver.


★ My elementary school days  私の小学生時代

In the early grades of elementary school, I didn‘t get good grades because I was not much interested in study, but I was just good at arts and crafts subject and also physical education. When I was in the third grade, since I became head class representative, I remember the teacher in my second grade told me that I was moving up in the world.


When I was in elementary school, I really liked collecting insects, I was especially into collecting stag and rhinoceros beetles in summer. There was a forest called DONGRIYAMA. I enjoyed collecting stag and rhinoceros beetles there every summer. In those days, a friend of mine who lived in kouya town taught me a secret tree in a  forest in kouya town where we could collect so many rhinoceros beetles. In spite of summer, we put on a long-sleeved shirt and long pants because we were afraid that insects stang us and we pushed our way to the secret tree. Finally, I remember we could see the tree where there were five or six beetles. It is a precious memory of mine.


I‘ve always loved sports since I can remember. I was much more good at ball games than martial arts because I was confident in not powerfulness but handiness. So although I went to kendo dojo for about two years from the fifth grade, I remember I was sometimes frustrated that I lost underclassmen. The reason why I started to practice kendo is because my best friend went there. He was the strongest among the dojo. I envied him. However, he moved to syuzenji, shizuoka prefecture where there is cycle racing school because his father went from cycle racer to cycle racing instructor. It is a sorrowful memory of mine. But, I remember I went on a trip to his house on summer vacation and I enjoyed nature such as harpooning ayu and yamame in the river.  Since I was confident in not instantaneous force but stamina, I was good at endurance running. Also, I went to a public facility to learn to ride a unicycle at that time. I remember that I was able to ride an unicycle fastest of participants perhaps because I was good at ball games. I have an experience to participate in a local competition. I acquired second grade in sports test when I was in fifth grade. Not bad, right?

私は物心ついたときからスポーツが好きでした。力強さではなく、手先の器用さに自信があったので、武道よりも球技の方がずっと得意でした。だから、小学5年生から2年間ほど剣道道場に通っていましたが、下級生に負けて悔しい思いをすることもあったのを覚えています。そんな私が剣道を始めたきっかけは、親友が通っていたことです。彼は道場の中で一番強かった。羨ましかったですね。しかし、父親が競輪選手から競輪の指導者になったため、競輪学校のある静岡県修善寺に引っ越した。それは私の悲しい思い出です。でも、夏休みに彼の家に旅行に行って、川でアユやヤマメを銛で突いたりして、自然を満喫した記憶があります。  瞬発力ではなく、体力に自信があったので、持久走は得意でした。また、当時は公共施設に通って一輪車を習っていました。球技が得意だったためか、参加者の中で一番早く一輪車に乗れたことを覚えています。地元の大会に出場した経験もあります。小学校5年生のとき、スポーツテストで2級を取得しました。なかなかでしょう?

Our school made it a rule to demonstrate drum and fife band at a field day when we were in fifth grade. So I practiced playing trumpet for about a year to play it at the event. But, I had much trouble improving trumpet skills. So I realized I don‘t have my musical talent at the time. So I don‘t play any musical instruments  now. In the upper grades of elementary school, I went to Calligraphy Class to practice calligraphy. I am proud that Nippon Budokan Prize went to me in sixth grade.


I became much interested in science and mathematics since about fifth grade. But I was not good at faculty of Arts Subjects. At that time, I had a habit of collecting, so I collected Key holders , pennants and Gundams of plastic models I made. My memory of elementary school days is about it.


★ My junior high school days  私の中学生時代

I belonged to basket ball club when I was in junior high school. I played point guard because of my dexterity. The highest grade of our team was third prize in west of the prefecture. Not bad, right ? At that time, Our school made it a rule to do club activity before school and also after school. Several members of our team including me even jogged before morning club activity when jogging competition approached. we did our best. We were young, weren‘t we ? In jogging competition, I was in the top twenty in my grade.


At that time, I was first or second shortest of my class. Compared to an average height of Japanese, although I am short even now. I remember that the teacher sometimes told me that I had a little restless.


In sophomore year of junior high school, Tsukuba Science Expo 85 hold. Since the place where it was hold was near my house, I went there many times. One of my favorite pavilions was TEKKOUKAN. In those days, 3D movie was rare. So I was especially interested in why we can see movie as 3D. Then I was excited when I knew this structure. Also, I could understand that the reason why we have two eyes is to see objects as 3D. I‘ve loved science since then.


In my senior year of junior high school, Interclass singing contest took place and Championship went to our class. The song our class sang was “sayonara“ produced by Off Course. After that, we entered a competition as a prize for winning. I‘ve set the cassette tape at that time aside as yet. To tell the truth, I can‘t say it sounds marvelous. So whenever I hear it, I always let out a laugh. It is a precious memory of mine.


★ My high school days  私の高校時代

I enrolled in Mitsukaido Daiichi High School. I belonged to valley ball club in my high school. I played setter. Our team didn‘t do so well in a competition. At the time, I gave our team a lot of trouble due to my lack of powerfulness. So I remember I sometimes did muscle training after club activity. We stopped by small-time candy store after club activity and always talked with each other while eating small-time candy. It was fun and a precious time of me.


I was not doing so much well at school at the time because I was into club activity, neglecting my studies. But, I am only good at Physical education (laugh). In my senior year of high school, my right eyesight was getting bad sharply. But my left eyesight keeps good as yet. Fortunately, I can see sights ordinarily with both eyes without glasses and I am not even getting presbyopia because I can see objects at close range due to myopia in my right eye. I am so happy. By the way, Early in my senior year of high school, I mastered Harmonica Fluent Sonic of pen spinning (laugh). After my club activity ended in my senior year of high school, I devoted myself to my studies due to enrolling in college. But, I failed to pass entrance examination due to too short time I focused on studying. So I decided to be a ronin.


★ My ronin days  私の浪人時代

I decided to join Kawaijuku at sendagaya and live in a dormitory at shinkoiwa. At the time, I became particular interested in physics. So I gave almost all my time to studying only physics. To be honest, I talked with my friends in the dormitory longer than studied. I was not very good at English at the time. I regret I should‘ve focused on studying English at the time. If I did, My horizon would be broadened now. What is done is done. I couldn’t help it.


★ My college days  私の大学時代

I enrolled in Tokyo University of Science. I majored in electrical engineering. I belonged to a tennis circle. Our tennis circle focused on events. I am a precious memory that our circle went on a trip to Niseko Ski Resort at hokkaido prefecture and enjoyed skiing. So few members devoted ourselves to practicing tennis. But I was into playing tennis. I gave all my free time to playing tennis, neglecting my studies. I focused on doubles game because it was fun to breathe in sync with my partner. But we did not do so well in the competitions. At best, we were a third-round pick in local tournaments. I was not also doing so much well at school at the time because I was into club activity, neglecting my studies. But I did an instructor teaching math and science at the junior high school and high school level for about three years at the time. I remember it gave me pleasure to teach to children.


Late in my third year at college, our college made it a rule to conduct proficiency test. The contents of that test were electric circuit, electronic circuit and electro magnetics. At the time, I tried to demonstrate my ability as much as possible. That test resulted in grade in the teens out of about 150 students. My confidence came over at the time and I decided to enter Graduate School. Our college made it a rule to belong to a lab class in senior college and focus on research for a year at the time. I went to Ministry of International Trade and Industry Electronics Research Institute for a year at the time and I focused on acquiring engineering skills. I studied contents concerning Photovoltaic Materials. Finally, I was able to pass the national 1 type test and enroll in the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate school.


At the time, Our college made every effort to increase the number of students to work as government official of the 1st class. So I received following award by our college. I was so honored to received this award.


★ My Graduate school days  私の大学院時代

I enrolled in the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate school. But, after I enrolled in this school, I was worried about my lack of ability. After that, I became pessimistic, and I was worried a little about something I would never have been concerned about before. Actually, I cannot look back on those days without feeling depressed. My research theme was to integrate ferroelectric into semiconductor device. At that time, in my free time, all I did was to complain about my research. I think I was starting to get some personal issues from those day. At that time, on summer vacation, I went on a trip to transverse Hokuriku-Kinki Region by a rent-a-car with my classmates. First of all, we went to Noroshiro light house at the northern most tip of ishikawa prefecture and stayed there all night in the car. The night view full of a lot of stars there took away out breaths. After that, we enjoyed driving and did the sights of all over Hokuriku-Kinki Region such as Nachi Waterfall , Lake Biwa , Grand Shrine at Ise and so on. That is a precious memory of graduate school days. By the way, I managed to complete a masters degree.


★ My working life days  私の社会人時代

After I graduated Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate school, I spent about three years doing semiconductor memory device development planning at Toshiba. During the training period, I went to Himeji Factory in order to train. At that time, I also went on a trip to transverse Shikoku by a rent-a-car with my colleagues on summer vacation. First of all, we rent a car at Okayama prefecture and crossed the Seto Inland Sea from Honshu to Shikoku via the Seto Ohashi Bridge. After that, We did the sights of all over Shikoku. We took a bath at Dogo Hot Spring, enjoyed eating Sanuki udon, toured many people who were practicing Awa Odori and so on. Also, we enjoyed several kinds of sightseeing spots such as Cape Ashizuri at the southern most tip of Shikoku and so on. I would say that it always gives me pleasure to drive all my life. In fact, It is a shame that I cannot look back on contents I worked without feeling depressed (laugh) . After I spent about three years working, I suffered from some personal issues and came back to my hometown.


★ My fighting against an illness  私の闘病生活

I‘ve suffered from some personal issues for about twenty years. So until a few years ago, I was in a continuous state in apathy. And I haven‘t worked for a long, long time. In other words, I regret having wasted a great deal of my life. As soon as I left a company due to some personal issues, I came back to my hometown and I had been in hospital for about three months. After I discharged from hospital, I went to Tokyo University of Science about once a week to get Teacher‘s license for technical high school. I remember I had much trouble commuting to the college because negative symptoms began. However, I managed to get this license.


After that, Although I tried to apply for a technical high school as an instructor, It resulted in failure. Then, I tried to apply for a couple of companies, These resulted in complete failure because I couldn‘t even introduce myself due to negative symptoms. After that, although I don‘t know due to side effect of medicine, I kept to myself for a long time. When I was in by far worst condition, I couldn‘t do the obvious such as blushing teeth, taking a bath and so on. When I took a bath, I felt like I had much trouble washing my body, so I sometimes kept sleeping in the bathtub for more than five hours due to escaping from harsh realities that I have to wash my body. I weighed about 80 Kg at my fattest. But now I weigh about 60 Kg. I am so happy.


In recent years, my condition has improved rapidly. Although I don‘t know since I am not an expert, The reason for this is because I started to exercise from about seven years ago such as muscle training  and aero bike and so on and I had my physician reduce the dosage of  medicines. But, I don‘t do exercise so much since COVID-19 Pandemic began. I couldn‘t help it. I will start to do things like that again, if the pandemic is over. I regained the desire to try various things. So whenever I become interested in something, I think I should give it a try. Thus, first of all, I got Qualification as .com Master ADVANCE ★★ and Microsoft Office Specialist Master about three years ago.

ここ数年、体調が急激に良くなりました。専門家ではないのでわかりませんが、7年ほど前から筋トレやエアロバイクなど運動を始めたことと、主治医に薬の量を減らしてもらったことが原因だと思います。しかし、COVID-19の流行が始まってからは、あまり運動をしていないんです。どうしようもないんですけどね。パンデミックが終わったら、またそういうことを始めようと思っています。いろいろなことに挑戦する意欲を取り戻しました。だから、興味が湧いたものは、試してみようと思っております。そこでまず、3年ほど前に.com Master ADVANCE ★★とMicrosoft Office Specialist Masterの資格を取得しました。


Also, I decided that I needed to study and conquer English conversation, which is something that I had always felt I was not good at, and had therefore avoided studying.


★ My short term goal in the near future  近未来の短期的な目標

Actually, my dream for the past few years was to become an instructor teaching math, science and English at the elementary and junior high school level. I‘ve made every effort to make my dreams come true for the past few years. But I became aware of giving many people a lot of trouble due to my personal issues. So I decided to put aside my dream of becoming an instructor teaching to children. It‘s still uncertain how I should do for a living from now. I want to spend some time pursuing how to live for the time being. In my short term goal, I‘ll focus on learning English until I gain English fluency. I could get 785 points on the TOEIC L&R about a year ago.

実は、ここ数年の夢は、小中学生あいてに数学、理科、英語を教える講師になることでした。この数年、夢を実現するためにあらゆる努力を重ねてきました。しかし、私個人の問題で多くの人に迷惑をかけていることを自覚するようになりました。そこで、子どもたちに教えるインストラクターになる夢は、一旦、あきらめることにしました。これからどう生きていけばいいのか、まだわかりません。当面はどう生きていくかを追及することに時間を費やしたいと思っています。短期的な目標としては、英語ができるようになるまで、英語の勉強に力を入れたいと思っています。1年ほど前にTOEIC L&Rで785点を取ることができた。

I am proud of this result. But, I am not very good at speaking skills.  I‘ll do my best to conquer this weak point of mine. It‘s still up in the air whether I‘ll try to become an instructor again or not. By the way, all I have to do is to gain English fluency for the moment. That‘s all.

この結果には自負があります。しかし、私はスピーキングスキルがあまり得意ではありません。  この苦手な部分を克服できるように頑張ります。またインストラクターになるかどうかはまだ未定です。ちなみに、当面は英語が流暢に話せるようになればいいんです。それだけです。